How Effective Is a Good Logo?

Does the small graphic portrayed as the identity of a brand have any relevance? When starting up a business, many areas need to be covered. Of course, there is the necessary paperwork but, there are elements besides just what is on paper.

Reaching the right audience is always the goal of an organisation. Something that plays a tremendous role in that is the visual identity of the establishment. It sparks the attention of the right people and leaves a long-lasting impact. That is where the importance of a logo comes in. It is crucial to have a logo. But not just any logo, a good one, one that leaves a lasting impression.

What is a Logo?

A logo creates an identity for a business. The small graphic gets created from unique text and images. A logo has to resonate not just with the organisation it represents but also with the target audience. It has to be appropriately customised to create the perfect visual identity for an organisation.

A logo has to maintain its simplicity while conveying a visual message. If done correctly, it can imprint the identity of your organisation in the minds of your audience.

Is a Logo Necessary?

Logos have proven to be a necessary element for business growth. With the average attention span of a person being 2 seconds, the amount of time you have to spark interest is negligible. Therefore, the best way to get people interested is visual. A logo is the first perceptible element of your brand that your clients are going to witness.

Take a look at the two trillion-dollar company Apple. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Apple? Their logo. An apple that has been bitten. It is a simple, unique, and highly effective logo. Then, there are billion-dollar companies like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, McDonald's, Starbucks, Coco cola, etc. These world-renowned companies have their logos at their forefront..

A brand without a logo is like a brand without an identity. Also, if your business does not have a logo, there would be nothing to differentiate it from other competitors. If you see an Amazon package at the side of the road, the only reason you can tell it is an Amazon package is because of the logo!

What Makes a Logo Good?

This is where brands make mistakes time and time again. Cramming too many graphics together and creating over-the-top designs is not what comprises a good logo. A logo must remain simple and retain its effectiveness when in monochrome and colour.

An individual must be able to replicate the logo of a brand by hand. In street-wear fashion, industry giant Supreme has the most impactful logo in the world. In a research report done by Hypebeast Lyst, Supreme topped the list for having a logo with the highest effect. If you look at the Logo for Supreme, it is evident that it is a simple logo. It is a simple red box that has the brand name written within it in a bold white font.

If an individual tried to recreate this logo on paper, it would be an easy task. This shows that the logo is adequate, as it is capable of staying in an individual's memory. Adequacy is an essential quality for a logo to have.

The Impact of a Good Logo.

A distinct visual representation will stay in the minds of your clients forever. Besides creating an identity, research done by the MITSloan Management Review showed that, when managed correctly, logos can enable a brand to increase its financial performance and increase customer loyalty.

Yes, strategic marketing is crucial in building a brand's name but, once it has reached a point of relevance, brand logos can facilitate sustenance. It presents itself with unformidable advantages. An expertly created logo is not only capable of building customer relations but is also capable of reinforcing a brands' message.

Having a logo is often neglected by many businesses. But it is an element that is capable of broadening the horizons of an organisation. Experts recommend that every brand should build their unique logo as it will provide them an abundance of opportunities in the long run.